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timing's everything, stop telling me you're out of time
Yum, NeverShoutNeverrrr (: YUM.
I'm thinking of making this entire journal Friends Only (: I think it'd be pretty neat. But I want a pretty sign first ;0
Thankyouu to the people who added me (:

Right, so, anyway, I'm gonna get talkingggg. ANYWAY.
Recently I read City of Glass online because um, to be fair, I went to bookshops in Yorkshire AND here and still couldn't find it, despite the fact that it's supposed to be out ¬¬ I'll buy it in Toppings when it DOES get here.

But anyway. I Googled Alec/Magnus because, I confess, I'm actually in love with those two characters. Simon, he's cool but a bit of a wimp. He just lets Clary walk all over him ¬¬ Same for Luke, although he does seem to get somewhat of a backbone, thankfully, in the last book.  Clary just annoyed me as a character, to be brutally honest. It's not the whole incest thing with Jace that squicks me out; it's more the fact that she whines about it nonstop. Jace is equally as annoying, I have to say. I like Alec, though CC never quite explained how he changed his mind about dating Magnus. I found CoG a little disappointing as an ending, I must confess. It seemed to focus solely on wrapping up loose ends, mostly with characters. Yes, I probably would have had a little rant if Alec and Magnus hadn't wound up together, but whaaat? Alec's in love with Jace, Jace knows about this and Alec just goes and...what? Kisses Magnus? Magnus is definitely my favourite character. He's pretty legendary, I think, even though he's a blatant cliche. Oh weeeell. I have to say, my favourite book out of the trilogy had to be City of Ashes. It had more detail than City of Bones, and was a little easier to read in content than City of Glass was. Oh well.

But anyway, I re-read Holly Black's Ironside, because Corny and Luis are my favourite characters out of Tithe/Valiant/Ironside. Other than Ruth. Whatever happened to her? Hmm.

I'm not sure if I like the authors themselves. It's annoying; I can't seem to find an author with a personality that I actually like. I can't remember why I didn't like Tamora Pierce. Diana Wynne Jones kind of upset me when I met her. And I've just read about Holly Black and Cassandra Clare. I'm just going to remain open-minded, you know? I don't know for sure that they're like that in life, but hearing that about them has definitely put me off of them.

I haven't read proper fiction for ages. It sounds terrible to say, but I've been so busy checking through things on FictionPress for people. Grrr.  And argh, my ecsema's (sp?) flared up again and it hurts hurts HURTSSSS.

I haven't done much biking today ): I was biking for about a mile and a half before I suddenly felt very dizzy and tired. So I pulled over, stopped and was like "I'M GONNA DIEEEE" and biked home. I've biked for far further than that, so that's a little worrying. Ahh well. (:

Does anyone know how to make LiveJournal "cuts"? Like, when you insert a link to something you've written on LiveJournal but it doesn't come up in your archive? I'm thinking of adding JustxAdorexHer. Her writing's reeeeally good (:

in time i'm gonna put this body to shame.
dearie me, we seem to have a slight problem. ¬¬

you got me feelin' like a child now



SHOOT MY ESSAY. ;o xD ah well!

you're in the city of wonder
Realizing his distraction, L quickly tossed the male thongs aside and banished the nonsensical image of Light parading around in the curious undergarment as a stupid fantasy and continued his hunt for evidence against Kira. For, nothing would keep him from his duty to justice. Not even Light in his sexy male thongs!

imma readin bout pirates. gay ones. and and this kid who's like peter pan. only gay. BASICALLY IT'S ALL GAY GAY GAY GAY.
i fudging looove Punk Goes Pop Vol.2. Vol 1 was a little rubbish in my opinion. Thank goodness for Torrents. Yum.

I'm not going to sleep tonight, am I? I'm too worried, I suppose. I raved. No glowsticks though ]=

i'm missing you like candy.
I'm going away to Yorkshire for the week. I don't want to. I...
I think if I go away, things are never going to get fixed.
And I won't be able to
you have to be a friend to see my other posts to understand what I'm going on about.
It scares me.
I'm getting a load of music now while I still can. I can cope without talking to people. It's just...I hate feeling alone. And I hate not being able to listen to new music. I update my iPod every day with new stuff.
Basically, I'm screwed.
I wish I had a choice in all of this. I wish things weren't so
I'm fifteen fucking years old. That's old enough to stay with my 19 year old brother in the house for a week.

at the end of the line it all seems worse.
i guess that i played my hand well
but one way tickets can’t let you return
and it’s funny how you’re always wrong when you’re right so
put your hands together i want you to fight
and let me see what’s behind the mask
these shock nightmares, they will not last.

at the end of the line, it all seems worse;
it's not till you fall that you know it hurts
and everything that you ever bargained for
just seems to sail right out the door
is this the end of the line?
is this the end of the line?

i guess that's how it all starts off
take in all in your stride
and these words, they belong to you
they fight, they hurt for you
and it's just a lonely rhyme
for a naive heart and you're
tripping backwards trying to start
again. it's no good. we're lost.

at the end of the line, it all seems worse;
it's not till you fall that you know it hurts
and everything that you ever bargained for
just seems to sail right out the door
is this the end of the line?
is this the end of the line?

and i'm tired of cliches
i'm sick of lovesongs
unrequited, it's all the same
you never know when you're going to fall
and it never seems to hurt the same
till the end of the line.

at the end of the line, it all seems worse;
it's not till you fall that you know it hurts
and everything that you ever bargained for
just seems to sail right out the door
is this the end of the line?
because i'm falling
but i want to fly.

these days are moving at the speed of light
BMI. Neat. I was worried about that but it's fine. Funky.

In case anybody's reading this and is like, "Oh, she never blogs!" It's because most of the entries are Friends Only filtered. So...Yeah, if you're reading this from a Wordpress or something blog, you'd have to create an account to be able to read my stuff. S'all good.

Um...What's new? Well, my fringe is sucking as much as usual. Sucks. I've been using my FIMO clay and it turns out it's okaaaay quality. Could be better though |:

I need to finish my self-portrait. And I need to get on with my English coursework. I'm not planning to go to Yorkshire this week.

I need to talk to someone out of the house.

give me the key to unlock you
(: it was a pretty good day tbh. went out to cambridge with kathryn then we rang lewis and found out he was in A DIFFERENT PLACE xD

so we all met up. walked around h+m and next, lewis and i making sarcastic comments (: ahaha. sorry kathryn. then we went to topshop/topman and ran into 1) bunch o'chavs 2)niall + boz 3) louis + jasmine ahaha. then we phoned up luke and told him to get his derriere to topman so he could be lewis's icon. got funny looks from the guys in the topman changing room 'cause we wrre like "god no lewis show us your fckng clothes now" aha.

then we went to the toilets and i danced about while kathryn peed. and then i went outside and tried to get people to look up at me. they didn't. bastards.  then i wanted to get some body spray because i felt smelly funny so we went to boots and lewis + i laughed at the shop assistant. and then i got outside and was like "grrr silly cashier" because she spoke all quiet. and then kathryn had some of my body spray.

then we went to borders to get my rucksack and everyone tried to run away from each other D: so i ran after them. then i went and bought the rucksack which is actually immense thankyou.

then we got outside and luke + matt were like "time to go meet our friends" and i went "EEEEK." because he still hates me but oh well. he's cool anyway. and and and ummmm....yeah then we went into the other h + m. it still wasn't very interesting. who wears pastel skinny jeans. um what then

yeah we walked back to the grafton and lewis got a bottle of water and then kathryn + i went to new look and she got a hat. yes. it was very hatty.

then we went home after hugging everyone well in my case that was i mean. and yeaaaah.

fell asleep in the van D:

train was dead boring.

now i'm home after doing my stroll through tesco in my pretty dress. yay!

i'm sleepy, but today was immense. thanks to kathryn, lewis, luke + matt (in alphabetical order!) (: