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timing's everything, stop telling me you're out of time
Yum, NeverShoutNeverrrr (: YUM.
I'm thinking of making this entire journal Friends Only (: I think it'd be pretty neat. But I want a pretty sign first ;0
Thankyouu to the people who added me (:

Right, so, anyway, I'm gonna get talkingggg. ANYWAY.
Recently I read City of Glass online because um, to be fair, I went to bookshops in Yorkshire AND here and still couldn't find it, despite the fact that it's supposed to be out ¬¬ I'll buy it in Toppings when it DOES get here.

But anyway. I Googled Alec/Magnus because, I confess, I'm actually in love with those two characters. Simon, he's cool but a bit of a wimp. He just lets Clary walk all over him ¬¬ Same for Luke, although he does seem to get somewhat of a backbone, thankfully, in the last book.  Clary just annoyed me as a character, to be brutally honest. It's not the whole incest thing with Jace that squicks me out; it's more the fact that she whines about it nonstop. Jace is equally as annoying, I have to say. I like Alec, though CC never quite explained how he changed his mind about dating Magnus. I found CoG a little disappointing as an ending, I must confess. It seemed to focus solely on wrapping up loose ends, mostly with characters. Yes, I probably would have had a little rant if Alec and Magnus hadn't wound up together, but whaaat? Alec's in love with Jace, Jace knows about this and Alec just goes and...what? Kisses Magnus? Magnus is definitely my favourite character. He's pretty legendary, I think, even though he's a blatant cliche. Oh weeeell. I have to say, my favourite book out of the trilogy had to be City of Ashes. It had more detail than City of Bones, and was a little easier to read in content than City of Glass was. Oh well.

But anyway, I re-read Holly Black's Ironside, because Corny and Luis are my favourite characters out of Tithe/Valiant/Ironside. Other than Ruth. Whatever happened to her? Hmm.

I'm not sure if I like the authors themselves. It's annoying; I can't seem to find an author with a personality that I actually like. I can't remember why I didn't like Tamora Pierce. Diana Wynne Jones kind of upset me when I met her. And I've just read about Holly Black and Cassandra Clare. I'm just going to remain open-minded, you know? I don't know for sure that they're like that in life, but hearing that about them has definitely put me off of them.

I haven't read proper fiction for ages. It sounds terrible to say, but I've been so busy checking through things on FictionPress for people. Grrr.  And argh, my ecsema's (sp?) flared up again and it hurts hurts HURTSSSS.

I haven't done much biking today ): I was biking for about a mile and a half before I suddenly felt very dizzy and tired. So I pulled over, stopped and was like "I'M GONNA DIEEEE" and biked home. I've biked for far further than that, so that's a little worrying. Ahh well. (:

Does anyone know how to make LiveJournal "cuts"? Like, when you insert a link to something you've written on LiveJournal but it doesn't come up in your archive? I'm thinking of adding JustxAdorexHer. Her writing's reeeeally good (:

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i love biking anyway.my friends and i usually bike about 30 miles

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