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give me the key to unlock you
(: it was a pretty good day tbh. went out to cambridge with kathryn then we rang lewis and found out he was in A DIFFERENT PLACE xD

so we all met up. walked around h+m and next, lewis and i making sarcastic comments (: ahaha. sorry kathryn. then we went to topshop/topman and ran into 1) bunch o'chavs 2)niall + boz 3) louis + jasmine ahaha. then we phoned up luke and told him to get his derriere to topman so he could be lewis's icon. got funny looks from the guys in the topman changing room 'cause we wrre like "god no lewis show us your fckng clothes now" aha.

then we went to the toilets and i danced about while kathryn peed. and then i went outside and tried to get people to look up at me. they didn't. bastards.  then i wanted to get some body spray because i felt smelly funny so we went to boots and lewis + i laughed at the shop assistant. and then i got outside and was like "grrr silly cashier" because she spoke all quiet. and then kathryn had some of my body spray.

then we went to borders to get my rucksack and everyone tried to run away from each other D: so i ran after them. then i went and bought the rucksack which is actually immense thankyou.

then we got outside and luke + matt were like "time to go meet our friends" and i went "EEEEK." because he still hates me but oh well. he's cool anyway. and and and ummmm....yeah then we went into the other h + m. it still wasn't very interesting. who wears pastel skinny jeans. um what then

yeah we walked back to the grafton and lewis got a bottle of water and then kathryn + i went to new look and she got a hat. yes. it was very hatty.

then we went home after hugging everyone well in my case that was i mean. and yeaaaah.

fell asleep in the van D:

train was dead boring.

now i'm home after doing my stroll through tesco in my pretty dress. yay!

i'm sleepy, but today was immense. thanks to kathryn, lewis, luke + matt (in alphabetical order!) (: